Comparisons, how results are generated, breakdown of the data

What did you tell us?

  1. Comparisons - You wanted to understand how your data compares with similar, or healthier individuals.
  2. How your result is generated - You wanted to understand the science behind how each epigenetic score is calculated.
  3. Breakdown of the data - You wanted to understand how your epigenetic marks were used in our models.

What have we changed?

  1. Compare your profile to people with similar, or healthier lifestyles

  1. Go “Behind the Science” and discover how we derive your insights

  1. See a detailed breakdown of your epigenetic positions

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I love the comparisons to other people! Do you have plans to add more comparisons? I’d like to see how I compare to other types of people, for example those who are at peak fitness.

Yes lookout for more detailed comparisons coming soon :slight_smile:

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When is the next update coming?