Data storage

Chronomics will store your DNA data (DNA methylation levels) and metadata (questionnaire answers) along with any other electronic data you provide us in our secure cloud environment.

We take data privacy very seriously and are GDPR compliant. Your data is encrypted and stored using industry best practices and your epigenetic sample is stored in a completely separate environment to your personal data so it is not personally identifiable. Your data is also not shared with anyone without your consent.

How about the sample itself? Do you share it at any point with 3rd party labs? If you do so is it paired with information that can identify the person the sample is from?

Hey - Rob from Chronomics here.

No - we will never share your sample with anyone without your explicit permission (on our COVID test we have a box to opt in to share it for COVID-19 research).

At no point is your physical sample ever paired with your personal information - after registering it online its posted back to our lab without any personal information and the lab only ever knows the barcode.

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